Turning Pepper on


1. Make sure Pepper is:

  • on a flat surface, providing enough space to move around, or

  • properly installed on his charging station

2. Press the Chest Button once


Interacting with Pepper

Talking with Pepper

1. Get close enough, and make sure Pepper has seen you. Pepper will detect your presence if you approach within five feet (1.5 meter).

2. Check if Pepper is listening: his eyes should be navy blue.

3. Say a short sentence, in one go. Pepper takes a little time to process what you said; at this time, his eyes are green. Then he gives you an answer.


Launching / exiting an Activity

Starting a Activity:

1. Make sure Pepper is listening.

2. Say:

  • “Start” + the Activity name, or
  • one of the Trigger sentences, if any.

Pepper automatically starts the corresponding Activity.


Exiting an Activity

To stop an Activity running:

1. Lay your hand on Pepper‘s head

2. Hold your hand there for 1 second

3. Quickly remove your hand


Putting Pepper to sleep

Sleep mode

While asleep, Pepper is not able to launch any Activity, but is still able to update his system.


Putting Pepper to sleep

1. Lay your hand on Pepper‘s head

2. Hold your hand there for 3 seconds to put Pepper to sleep.

3. Remove Hand. After 3 seconds, Pepper goes to sleep.


Awaking Pepper

1. Touch the head tactile sensor.

After touching, Pepper is awake.


Switching Autonomous life on and off


To enable or disable Autonomous life 

1. Press the Chest button twice.


Turning Pepper off

To turn your robot off:

1. Put a hand on its shoulder or its back, in order to keep it in position.

2. Press and hold the Chest Button for 3 seconds.


Emergency turn off

1. Make sure Pepper is in a safe position, or he may fall.

2. Press and hold the Chest Button for 8 seconds.


Requesting technical information

Pending notifications

The color indicates the severity of the notification:

  • Green  info: feed-back about an ongoing action;
  • Yellow  warning: an issue requires your attention and/or action;
  • Red  error: at least one functionality became unusable.


Reading IP address and notifications

1. Press the Chest Button once. To receive peppers IP Address


Charging the battery

1. Plug the charger to the mains.

2. Move Pepper close enough.

3. Lift the power hatch

4. Put the plug into the socket and turn gently clockwise until the check valve snaps.

5. When Pepper is fully charged, the charger LED becomes green and the Status LEDs are blinking green.

When Pepper is charged enough:

  • Disconnect the charger cable from the power hatch.
  • Disconnect the charger from the mains.
  • Make sure you close the power hatch, or Pepper will not be able to move around.