We offer training for both Pepper & Nao and have a proven track record training developers from some of the largest Blue Chip Companies in the world. From our facility situated on the edge of London we are able to train up to 10 people at any one time or we can send our trainer to you.

With our unique experience, we are able to offer training at all levels. From simple set up and configuration to high end technical implementation we can offer training tailored directly to your needs. Even for highly skilled developers, building software for robots can still be a steep learning curve. Many hours of training can save many weeks of frustration and will ultimately save time and money.

As well as offering our own trainers we are able to bring specialists in areas that are directly related to your business.

Training For Education Robots | Training For Care Home Robots | Training For Business Robots

We are able to offer a one stop shop for all your robot requirements. We are resellers for both Nao and Pepper robots and are able to offer software development as well as training for both. We have achieved success in training for software in the specialist areas of autism, dementia as well as both children and adults with special needs.

Our business end courses enable the trainee to develop full solutions and use both Android and NaoQi

"I recently received training from Robots Of London at their headquarters for 4 days. Whilst i would say that i am a competent full stack developer i can honestly say that the training was invaluable and am convinced that it saved me a lot of time. The training started with the introduction to Pepper the Robot which was provided by Robots Of London for the whole duration. We looked at the hardware which gave a good understanding to the overall product and then looked in detail at the movement, speech, dialogue and tablet as well as an in depth look at facial recognition. Not only was the training was well organized and fun, but it was really useful to see the applications that Robots Of London have already developed to give some really useful ideas.
Whilst programming Pepper is initially a bit frustrating after a couple of days it becomes a lot clearer how the jigsaw is pieced together and the development cycle becomes more fluid. It was a really great experience"