Socibot is a very sociable robot,primarily  designed for human-robot interaction with the ability to detect faces, features, emotions, speech and gestures. It also makes use of projective technology coupled with facial generation via parametric meshes to bring any character or image to life, in full 3D form. Socibot is now fitted with telepresence which makes for the most fascinating and fun interactions at both exhibitions and technology events.

SociBot integrates the core technologies of RoboThespian but in a desktop-sized robot. The projective head and fully articulated neck make Socibot even more expressive than its larger sibling making it ideal for technology events, exhibition stands, individual researchers and small-footprint telepresence. SociBot offers a simple and affordable introduction to advanced robotics.

Socibot can track the position of more than 12 people at a time, even in a crowd and can also detect gestures like hand waves and body poses. The internal head projector can map any face onto any mould. 

The small footprint and integrated nature of SociBot makes it an ideal installation in places where a full-sized humanoid robot would be obtrusive or unwieldy. It can deliver interactive content, unattended, in any public area, safely and humorously and has been developed specifically for sophisticated interaction with groups of people.

SociBot is ideal for shopping centres, theme parks, airports, exhibitions, technology events, product launches, tourist information centres, science centres, and anywhere requiring personalised content delivered with a human touch. It also makes an ideal telepresence device, its human-like expressiveness conveying even subtle mood and tone while the fully integrated sensory array makes you feel like you're in the room, no matter the distance. Socibot is the perfect hardware for telepresence, with a fully integrated software package that works straight out of the box. Socibot can transmit 2-way audio and video.  This means the application is cross-platform compatible, requiring only Chrome or Firefox. Telepresence is supported on Windows and Mac desktop systems, and even Android tablet devices. The on-board software tracks the face of a remote user and updates facial animation accordingly, and the automatic lip-sync function does the rest! You can choose your persona, or even upload your own face to the robot, to truly make your presence felt.

Socibot integrates Visage markerless facial motion capture technology. With Socibot and Visage, you can obtain real-time tracking of 3D head pose, gaze direction, and facial feature coordinates, including mouth contour, chin pose, eyebrow contours and eye closure. Socibot also gives you access to Action Unit data, based on the Facial Action Coding System developed by Ekman to describe and categorize facial expressions. Socibot can recognize expressions and emotions, and incorporate this information into its responses and reactions.

A powerful software suite is able to find and track faces, accurately estimate gender and even provide a good estimate of a persons age. It can also recognise facial features and expressions. These abilities are used to bring SociBot to life. SociBot will make eye contact without prompting, attend to different speakers based on their body language, and will know how to address the person in view based on an age/gender estimate. Expression recognition allows a versatile and customisable audience experience.

SociBot is a web connected device - which means you can create and upload content remotely. Performance and any technical issues can be diagnosed and often resolved without site visits.

Socibot FAQ

Question: Can I rent or lease SociBot for a commercial show?

Answer: We offer Socibot for rental, you can also rent RoboThepsian

Question: Can I buy SociBot?

Answer: Yes, we sell two versions of the robot. We keep stock at our facility.

Question: Could I use SociBot in a store, restaurant, exhibition or museum?

Answer: Yes, SociBot is designed for interaction in public spaces.


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