Robot Hire For Exhibitions & Trade Shows

Why hire a robot for your event or trade show? A robot will drive traffic to your trade stand and be able to multitask by carrying out several different functions.

If you hire a robot for your exhibition it will attract people to your stand, be able to capture data as well as collect feedback on your products and services. A hired robot can even chat with your visitors as well as give out information about your products and services, email electronic brochures, sing & dance.

Robot Hire For Conferences

A robot can introduce keynote speakers, take an active part in a Q & A sessions or even be the keynote speaker. You can use a robot for hire to actually deliver an entire keynote speech with powerpoint. The robot will autonomously change the slides and actually deliver an entire keynote speech from beginning to end.

Rent Vs Buy

For Companies that do a lot of trade shows, conferences and exhibitions during the year it is always a difficult decision as to whether to buy or hire a robot. We are able to advise Companies as to the financial pros and cons of hiring or buying a robot that is going to be used for trade shows and exhibitions.

Buy Pepper To Promote Your Brand

Many of our clients use Pepper as an invaluable way of promoting their brand at exhibitions and trade shows. Our solution will provide everything you need…..

There are several things to consider when weighing up the cost options and choosing the most financially viable option.

  • How many events are you looking to use a robot during the year?

  • Are your events usually 1, 2 or 3 day events?

  • Are you likely to want to use the same (or similar) software for every event?

  • Will you need technical support for your robot at every event?

  • Are the locations generally located in the UK or overseas?

  • Do you have a secondary use for your robot at the end of every event?

The last question is perhaps one of the most important. Several of our clients who have purchased Pepper for trade shows, conferences and exhibitions would not even consider the option to hire Pepper as they choose to use Pepper as a receptionist in their offices when it is not being used at events.

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