RoboThespian is a life sized humanoid robot designed  as an artistic robot that can react with its audiences. Whilst it may look like a rebellious Robot from a science fiction movie RoboThespian has an amazing sense of humour. It is the perfect robot for human interaction in a public environment. The robot is the mark 3 version of a robot that has been under development for the past 11 years and is still currently the worlds only commercially available full size humanoid robot. RoboThespian  is  currently sold and hired around the world to science centres and visitor attractions, but increasingly to academic research groups and universities where they are used as research and development platforms as well as to care homes, hotels, trade shows and product launches.

Robothespian is a hybrid robot, so it is partly pneumatic and partly electric. Most robots are one or the other and generally they are all electric. Equipped with cameras, depth perception and facial recognition, the robot is capable of reacting to its audience and adapting its script accordingly. Whilst RoboThespian first started as a communication device to help educate people they are now commonly used as guides at exhibitions and are regularly used at trade shows and product launches. It is an actor with an immense personality.

It is fully interactive, multilingual, and user-friendly, making it a perfect device with which to communicate and entertain. It is also trained to recognise gestures such as waving goodbye and is able to copy body poses. It can even sing! RoboThespians have in-built cameras, depth perception and facial recognition allowing them to react and adapt their script accordingly. They are also trained to recognise gestures such as waving goodbye and are able to copy body poses. RoboThespian's actions are based on a piece of software which allows them to compare faces to a large database to extract where somebody is, whether they are male or female, their age and whether they are happy or angry, neutral or disinterested. If you walk past Robothespian, it looks at you and it will try and work out what you are doing. It can also see up to 15 people standing around and it will flick its gaze and attention between them. It is designed to be as natural in its behaviour as possible. RoboThespian can also be trained to recognise gestures such as a wave to say hello and can copy body poses with his arm. He can also be controlled remotely by people using a tablet in another room, while his facial expression can also be changed to make him incredibly life-like with perfect human features as well as lip sync. Robothespian is without doubt the most natural, human-like movement of any commercially available robot today. Robothespian oozes personality with the ability to teach, entertain and interact.


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