Robots are available in many different forms. They may be made from plastic, metal, or even material; they are all still robots.

Utilising software that we have developed over the past 5 years we have created robot screens that have the same functionality as any humanoid robot. Using our solution it is possible to convert any regular TV to a robot that uses real artificial intelligence to interact with the user. Our software solution will also work with any touchscreen, video wall, LED wall or digital signage.

Everything works using voice recognition so it is possible to instruct the robot screen to display, on demand, any image, website, PDF file or video. Dialogue is connected to a content management system to enable the user to ask any question with the reply utilising voice, as well as any visual content.

Our talking digital signage is perfect for solutions in retail, retail showrooms, museums, hospitality, hotels, tourism and exhibitions. It is also being used by some of our clients as a robot receptionist, an example of which you can see below.

We have created a demo so you are able to see the capabilities of our software. In the demo below it is possible to ask the robot to show any car model using voice recognition. It is also possible to ask any questions about each individual model; for example, what is the fuel consumption, emissions, or 0 to 60….