Robot Hire

We are proud of the fact that we were the original innovators of the concept Robot Hire. Whilst several Companies offer robot hire in the UK as well as robot hire in the rest of Europe, we have enabled many Companies to educate, entertain and learn from the variety of humanoid robots that we offer for hire.

We get asked many questions about robot hire and we have set out below some questions and answers with regards to robot hire that will hopefully answer some of the many questions that you have....


  • Q Is it possible to hire robots?

  • A Yes, it is possible to hire robots



  • Q In which Countries is it possible to hire robots?

  • A It is possible to hire robots anywhere in the world; we have hired robots in the following Countries | UK | Spain | Italy | Greece | Singapore | Morocco | Germany | Netherlands | Austria | Switzerland | Sweden | Finland | Denmark | Norway | Portugal | France | Ireland | Belgium | Luxembourg | Czech Republic | Poland



  • Q How long does the process take to hire a robot?

  • A The process to hire a robot is very quick and we can deploy a robot at very short notice; whilst we would like at least a few days we have been know to turn around an order and deploy in less than 24 hours!



  • Q If i hire a robot can it be branded?

  • A The software can be branded with a Company logo and will fit in with guidelines provided by the client to include colour scheme and font.



  • Q How long does it take to program a robot for a specific event?

  • A Whilst every event is unique and every software is branded it is possible to do the programming within a few hours (in an emergency) but we normally like to allow at least a few days to maximise the ability of the robot



  • Q So, I am interested in hiring a robot for an event, but what can the robot actually do?

  • A We have the ability to program a robot to do almost anything, but here are some ideas to help you; we have the ability to program robots to do the following:

  1. Introduce Keynote speakers at a conference

  2. Be the keynote speaker at a conference

  3. Be a keynote speaker and present from a powerpoint deck and autonomously change the slides and talk through each slide. The robot can change the slide on any size screen or projector

  4. Collect data / information from your visitors

  5. Offer quizzes and competitions

  6. Guess the sex and age of your visitors

  7. Live autonomous chat using our unique chatbot solution

  8. Allow the robot to tale photos of your visitors and email or tweet them

  9. Pose for selfies

  10. Demonstrate and talk about the products or services that you offer

  11. Serve drinks

  12. Integrate an API to allow the robot to connect to an existing software

  13. Something completely bespoke and unique


  • Q What are the most popular types of robot hire requested?

  • A We get a lot of requests for robot hire and they fall in to the following categories; robot hire for exhibitions and trade shows | robot hire for conferences | robot hire for new product launches | robot hire for innovation and technology days | robot hire as a keynote speaker

  • Q I would like to know if it is possible to hire robots in my desired location

  • A We are able to hire robots anywhere in the world


  • Q Who have you worked with for renting robots for events or have used robots at exhibitions, conferences or events?

  • A We have worked with many clients. Here is a selection of clients who have hired robots for exhibitions and events