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Atom 7xp

FutureBots Humanoid Lab - F.B.H.L. is advancing robotics to support the needs of mankind in Space exploration, Healthcare, Commercial and Industrial Manufacturing, Hazardous rescue activities and Chemical and Biological disposal applications with the introduction of the ATOM 1.0 humanoid and the now being built ATOM 2.0 humanoid robot and with this new technology we can create Hi-Tech jobs for the USA that can't be exported.

From FutureBots Humanoid Lab FBHL is the first and only Full-Sized Humanoid Robot in the United States, and is the first self contained Humanoid robot made in the USA by Dan Mathias a Robotics Scientist, a multi year project, self funded. The ATOM 1.0 humanoid robot is powered by Intel ATOM and i5 4 core embedded processors and Microsoft 7e, Linux Unbunto embedded and NVIDIA Jetson.


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