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Honda began developing humanoid robots in the 1980s, including several prototypes that preceded ASIMO. It was the company's goal to create a walking robot. ASIMO was unveiled in October 2000.

ASIMO stands 130 cm (4 ft 3 in) tall and weighs 54 kg (119 lb). Research conducted by Honda found that the ideal height for a mobility assistant robot was between 120 cm and the height of an average adult, which is conducive to operating door knobs and light switches. ASIMO is powered by a rechargeable 51.8 V lithium-ion battery with an operating time of one hour.

ASIMO has the ability to recognize moving objects, postures, gestures, its surrounding environment, sounds and faces, which enables it to interact with humans. The robot can detect the movements of multiple objects by using visual information captured by two camera "eyes" in its head and also determine distance and direction. This feature allows ASIMO to follow or face a person when approached. The robot interprets voice commands and human gestures, enabling it to recognize when a handshake is offered or when a person waves or points, and then respond accordingly. ASIMO's ability to distinguish between voices and other sounds allows it to identify its companions. ASIMO is able to respond to its name and recognizes sounds associated with a falling object or collision. This allows the robot to face a person when spoken to or look towards a sound. ASIMO responds to questions by nodding or providing a verbal answer in different languages and can recognize approximately 10 different faces and address them by name.

There are sensors that assist in autonomous navigation. The two cameras inside the head are used as a visual sensor to detect obstacles. The lower portion of the torso has ground sensor which comprises one laser sensor and one infrared sensor. The laser sensor is used to detect ground surface. The infrared sensor with automatic shutter adjustment based on brightness is used to detect pairs of floor markings to confirm the navigable paths of the planned map. The pre-loaded map and the detection of floor markings help the robot to precisely identify its present location and continuously adjust its position. There are front and rear ultrasonic sensors to sense the obstacles. The front sensor is located at the lower portion of the torso together with the ground sensor. The rear sensor is located at the bottom of the backpack.


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Astronaut A5 (New version of A4)

You don’t get anywhere in business by standing still. We understand that, which is why we have put 25 years of experience to good use and developed the next step in robotic milking. We are excited to announce the release of the Lely Astronaut A5 milking robot.

We looked at cows and we listened to customers. While sticking to proven practices, we have redesigned every bit of the Astronaut A4 system. The new milking robot is cow-friendly, energy-friendly and user-friendly with new features under the hood that focus on aspects such as reliability, ease of use and accessibility.

So what does all of this actually mean? Here are three focus points we used to create the most cow- and farmer-friendly automatic milking system on the market.

Built around the cow. We don’t just automate the actions of milking itself; instead, we have built a concept around the cow to make sure that your herd likes to be and wants to be milked. Our truly unique robot arm concept and the I-flow concept for easy entrance and exit from the box are some clear examples of that strategy.

The Lely Astronaut A5 milking robot optimizes comfort for the cow. Nothing ‘squeezes’ or constricts the cow and nothing pushes her. The cow stands comfortably and naturally. The open design of the box also means that the cow stays close to the herd, improving the milking process, speed of milking and thus, raising the capacity of the robot. It also means cows may visit the robot more frequently – being milked more than twice a day. This offers udder and cow health benefits as well as increased milk yield.

The wide reach of the arm ensures smooth attachment to the majority of cow breeds, even cows with awkwardly positioned teats. The system calibrates the arm’s position for each cow at her first milking very easily and the changing shape of the udder during lactation of the cow is no problem.

The hybrid arm is exactly where it needs to be. Lely’s robotic arm has proven itself as the smartest solution for taking care of the milking process. It remains underneath the cow during the whole milking process and reacts fast when a teat cup falls off to keep it clean. The arm follows the cow via 3D camera, allowing her maximum freedom of movement in the box.

The hybrid arm of the new Astronaut A5 combines the advantages of electrical driven movements with the softness and the power of air. Because a big cylinder carries the weight of the arm, using virtually no air, while electrical components move the arm with great accuracy, the electrical drivers require very little power to move the arm. This is a perfect balance that saves energy.

The design and shape of the arm enables the Astronaut to milk all kinds of teats on all kinds of udders on all different sizes of cows. The redesigned arm and pivot points ensure an optimal upright position of the teat cups for a large area. This is key to fast and accurate attachment.

We all know nervous cows can have a very powerful kick. The Astronaut’s arm handles that by absorbing the contact with a hinging system in the arm consisting of two gas springs. This system gives way for the arm to move, saving the cow and sparing all electrical components. Plus, the arm will always return to the milking position by itself.

It’s easy to use. With easy ways to control the milking robot, you and your employees will have more time to focus on the cows that need your attention. A friendly design of the user interface makes it remarkably easy for just about any employee to find their way around functions, settings, information and reports.

All it takes is a quick glance to see which cow is being milked and what her status is. You can see exactly how all quarters are performing and where the cow and the milk are going when milking is finished. It only takes one touch to control functions such as routing or changing milk destination. Besides saving you time, this also makes milking a fresh cow even easier. With all the functions in one display, all it comes down to is positioning the arm close to the udder. When it sees the front teats, just press the connect button. Use the feed button for extra concentrates if you need to make her feel more at ease.

We know servicing your system is just another daily task. With the easy-to-use service screen, you will have all the necessary functions available. Just push one button to put the arm into the service position and push another button when you are finished and ready to start milking again. The Astronaut A5 is designed to offer easy access to all parts. This reduces the time spent on maintenance and increases uptime. This new user-friendly design of the central unit offers more space, reduces service time and makes it easier to position containers.

Being able to trust your robotic milking system fully is what you expect and deserve. The Astronaut A5 comprises 25 years’ intensive engineering and the experience of more than four million carefully monitored milkings per day. Its design has a focus on uptime, fast maintenance and steady performance. And don’t worry, all of these high-quality components and details have been put through our most intensive testing program, ever.

Don’t spend one-third of your working life on a repetitive task like milking when you can automate it. The physical relief, time-savings and greater flexibility will give you the opportunity to focus on the more important things, like herd health, improved management and, of course, family life.

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Atom 7xp

FutureBots Humanoid Lab - F.B.H.L. is advancing robotics to support the needs of mankind in Space exploration, Healthcare, Commercial and Industrial Manufacturing, Hazardous rescue activities and Chemical and Biological disposal applications with the introduction of the ATOM 1.0 humanoid and the now being built ATOM 2.0 humanoid robot and with this new technology we can create Hi-Tech jobs for the USA that can't be exported.

From FutureBots Humanoid Lab FBHL is the first and only Full-Sized Humanoid Robot in the United States, and is the first self contained Humanoid robot made in the USA by Dan Mathias a Robotics Scientist, a multi year project, self funded. The ATOM 1.0 humanoid robot is powered by Intel ATOM and i5 4 core embedded processors and Microsoft 7e, Linux Unbunto embedded and NVIDIA Jetson.


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Atlas is a bipedal humanoid Robot primarily developed by the American robotics company Boston Dynamics.

The new version of Atlas is designed to operate both outdoors and inside buildings. It is specialized for mobile manipulation and is very adept at walking over a wide range of terrain, including snow. It is electrically powered and hydraulically actuated.


Robots Of London are world leaders in developing software for robots and offering robots for hire. Robots Of London also sell both Pepper & Nao robots. If you would like to buy Nao Robot or buy pepper robot please contact us.

AVA Robotics

Leveraging a deep technical heritage from iRobot, Ava Robotics designs and builds autonomous robots that comfortably coexist with humans in workplaces and other large spaces. Ava Robotics is transforming what it means to collaborate by combining autonomous mobility with Cisco's high definition video conferencing. Ava Robotics’ engineers are developing these products based on what we call “practical teleportation”, enabling workers to easily and safely move around a remote location as if they are physically there.


Robots Of London are world leaders in developing software for robots and offering robots for hire. Robots Of London also sell both Pepper & Nao robots. If you would like to buy Nao Robot or buy pepper robot please contact us.