Pepper Robot Entertainment & Brand Awareness | Pepper Robot For Conferences

Pepper is used by many global brands to create awareness of their brand, products or services that they are able to offer.

Pepper is also used by some of our clients to entertain large crowds at key events. Pepper is used by Allianz to entertain large crowds at the Formula E fanzone at every race and is able to get a message across to large volumes of people in one central area and create brand awareness.

Pepper is used at conferences and major trade shows and creates a real buzz. At conferences, Pepper can be used to introduce keynote speakers, deliver a keynote speech or even take part in a Q & A session.

Some of our clients have acquired Pepper to drive traffic to their exhibition space. We have been told by several clients that Pepper has doubled the number of visitors on their exhibition stand and generated double the leads and revenue that they would normally expect to see from a show.