Pepper Chatbot

Introducing the most powerful chatbot yet for Pepper. (Android Version)

We have just launched our latest version of chatbot for Pepper with some really great new features including our brand new Pepper Remote which enables you to take advantage of some really great additional features for your Pepper.

Our new Pepper Chatbot includes:

  • Completely autonomous chat

  • Small talk already installed

  • Access to CMS to add additional questions and answers without any coding required

  • Factual data library*

  • Pepper Remote add on**

* charge for usage

** extra charge

Pepper Remote

Pepper Remote is now available to buy in conjunction with our chatbot software. Pepper Remote is an incredibly powerful tool enabling you to have complete control over various Pepper functionality. It works very quickly as the pairing is all done via bluetooth.

Connection is achieved very simply by connecting the app from your mobile phone and pairing your Pepper device

Speech Control


Speech Control

Chat features include the ability to view what Pepper hears as well as viewing what Pepper says with the functionality of speech to speech and text to speech in both autonomous chat mode as well as manual chat mode. Added features include complete volume control and control over speech speed.




It is possible to create any number of phrases that can be triggered at the touch of a button and instantaneously. These phrases can be deleted at any time. Gestures can be added to and combined with any of the saved phrases.

Remote Control


Remote Control

The remote control page allows complete remote control movement of Pepper with hold / release self movement abilities.



Various animations are included; Pepper driving an autonomous vehicle, Pepper posing for a selfie and more….let Pepper guess the age of any person, dance and sing some well known popular songs!


The following gestures can be activated any time and may be combined with the phrases. Gestures include wave, bow, bored and clapping..