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The Use Of Robot Receptionists In Facilities Management

An artificially intelligent robot is able to take many different forms. Many receptionist tasks can now be done by robots, leaving employees to focus on other important activities. Robot receptionists are able to meet and greet in addition to supporting any facilities management team including its staff, visitors and couriers. Robot receptionists are able to handle a vast range of front of house tasks, including checking in for meetings, providing directions, placing drinks orders and autonomously messaging hosts, thus enabling the creative use of artificial intelligence in the workplace. The introduction of robot receptionists in the workplace allows human colleagues to better support the business operations and to focus on more tactical activity.

There is definitely a future for robots in the workplace and Companies who want to be forward thinking will need to understand what robot receptionists can offer for the future workplace and they will also need to develop a strategy to integrate both humans and robots in the workplace.

There is no doubt that over the next 10 years, we will continue to see a range of current job functions being fulfilled by robots in the workplace, along with other types of automated machines. There will be a significant increase in the use of robots, especially in the customer service industry which will become more automated in this timeframe resulting in providing opportunities for future workers to upskill and concentrate their efforts on the work that will produce the biggest benefits for business performance. The key to automation is the introduction of robots that reduce labour costs yet increase efficiency.

The use of robots and robots in warehouses is most certainly not a new idea, but creating a robot receptionist to be the front of house administrator shows where automation could lead to in the white collar office sector. If we entrust intelligent machines with guidance tasks, receptionists can focus on delivering quality service without any break in continuity. Furthermore, the beauty of robots is that they can perform a variety of tasks with acute efficiency.

Robots haven’t yet become too commonplace in working environments; the most advanced businesses are probably cleaning service providers that operate in the more industrial settings, primarily in highly standardised spatial configurations that present few obstacles to robot movement.

“Robot receptionists are needed to deliver real added value in terms of service and therefore any robot deployment has to be based on AI technology. Robot receptionists must focus on delivering a quality service without any break in continuity, taking advantage of automating tasks and autonomous behaviour”

Adam Kushner is the Founder of Robots Of London a Company who have delivered multiple Robot Receptionist solutions across the globe. Robots Of London work with many global brands including Sage, Intel, EY and many of the top FTSE 100 Companies