Use of Robots in Events

Technology is constantly changing and evolving and the events industry is not excluded from this. A growing trend in events is robotification, the process of replacing human tasks with machines. Our interest in this upcoming trend is due to this innovative technology providing a unique competitive edge and experience at events. Here at Robots Of London we will explore how robots can be used in events and hopefully inspire you to discover how a robot could transform your next event.

What is a robot?

A robot is any form of a mechanical artificial agent controlled by a computer that can perform certain tasks automatically. These are usually programmed to perform specific mechanical functions in the manner of a human. Today we will focus on the use of humanoid robots; robots that share common features with humans such as heads, arms and a torso. These intelligent robots, popular ones including Pepper and Sanbot, can be programmed to work in a number of fields such as retail, education, healthcare, hospitality and security.

How can a robot be used at an event?

Firstly, it is no surprise that a robotic attendance at your event will drive great interest towards your event. People are highly interested in the growing fields of artificial intelligence and robotics and having a robot at your event is likely to drive large amounts of attention and footfall. This could be especially beneficial if your event or company are involved in technology as this is sure to assure clients and customers of your companies involvement in current innovation and technology.

These robots can be programmed to various specifications and therefore can provide a distinctively unique service to an event. Even at the simplest, these robots can be used to entertain clients through communication, with some robots being able to communicate autonomously with humans. They can hold conversations on thousands of different topics, communicating through speech, interactive animations and demonstrations. These robots are full of personality and are sure to get people talking about your event.

Whilst robots can be fun in this regard, it's important to realise these robots can actually have very practical uses at events. Robots can be used to to greet customers to draw initial attention and can do so as soon as eye-contact is made. For example, in 2016 Costa Cruises began using Pepper to greet and guide passengers. Upon greeting, these robots can also be used to check-in guests or to collect any data relevant to your event such as people's email addresses and phone numbers or can even conduct surveys for you and carry out raffles.

If your event is for marketing or retail purposes then a robot can be used to market your products or services. Robots can hold a database of all your goods and can describe these to customers through speech, images and videos. These robots can even take frequently asked questions about them providing high levels of customer service. This unique way of marketing products and services at events is likely to keep customers engaged.

If you really want to wow people at your events you can even get a robot programmed to make speeches and announcements throughout your event or to control and give a power-point presentation autonomously on stage. The limits to what these robots can do are almost endless and the best part is that it only takes one robot to take on  numerous human roles, making them great event hosts.

Whether it's greeting customers, collecting personal information, hosting raffles, selling products, streaming videos, making speeches or even just telling jokes, a robot is sure to be the star at any event.

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