You may think of robots as a far-fetched fantasised idealism of the future, however there are many reasons why robots are fast becoming essential for hire within events, entertainment and hospitality industries.

Robots can be rented for trade shows, to encourage attention and in turn draw people to certain expedition stands. They are excellent sales and marketing experts, able to faultlessly and repetitively relay information, as well as email brochures promptly upon written or spoken request. As a brand ambassador, a robot demonstrates to a client that the company is current and impressively modern, making the event memorable; they are even able to introduce or deliver keynote speeches.

It has been shown that people are far more likely to relay their personal data to a robot than a fellow human, it is for this reason that robots are perfect for efficiently collecting feedback and collating data within a survey or competition format. Moreover, robots are able to recognise scheduled attendees for conference meetings and sign them onto a virtual database, directing them to their destination.

For events involving children, robots are exciting and interactive. Aimed at a variety of age groups and learning abilities, including those on the autistic scale, robots are able to interrelate autonomously using Chatbot software, tell stories, and act as an educational platform. Their entertainment capabilities include dancing, singing, acting out popular character monologues which is appealing to both children and adults within a variety of events.