It is with great interest that we await the arrival of the third episode of this series of the Apprentice. The mere fact that this episode is focusing on robots is testimony to the fact that robots are having a real impact on our every day lives.

I am sure that the first question that people will ask is...."what robot did they use for the apprentice?" The robot looks very similar to the Alpha 2 that is manufactured by Ubtech, a Chinese manufacturer of Robots. However, the colouring is different and it appears that the robot itself is called the Lynx which is very much aimed at the European consumer market.

So, the answer to the question that you are looking for is that the robot on the apprentice is called the LYNX. Whilst it looks lie the Alpha 2 it is actually the newest robot in their range.

It is a shame that the robot was most probably not shown in its best light. For example, we saw the robot fall over! Why did the robot fall over? Very simply, because the robot does not work best on carpet and requires a level flat surface. Walking robots of this size like the Nao robot require a level flat surface as they will not work well on carpet.

What the Apprentice failed to show is how robots are having an impact on our every day lives. Here at robots of london, we sell robots as receptionists, retail store assistants, sales assistants and a lot more.

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