Eurostar, in partnership with Robots of London, welcomes Pepper the SoftBank Robotics robot into their St Pancras departure lounge


In a move that is set to revolutionize travel-based customer service, Eurostar, in partnership with Robots of London, has installed Pepper the Softbank Robotics robot in their St Pancras departure lounge, London. Pepper is the first robot capable of understanding and reacting to principle human emotions, and so is poised to bring the functionality of innovative robotics into the departures space, as well as providing an engaging and transformative direction to passenger experience and relations. 


Eurostar; the high-speed rail service that connects the UK with mainland Europe, and Robots of London; one of the UK and Ireland’s leading robotic and software solution companies, have partnered to use Pepper’s versatile programming potential to make passenger experiences more informative and engaging. Eurostar also hopes to use Pepper’s installation to test how robots may assist in the innovation of the company’s wider model and network. With both companies being founded on a fundamental concept of innovation, the union is sure to be prosperous and effective.


The partnership is a first for the UK travel industry, with Pepper’s arrival signalling a pioneering embrace of robotics in the sector, as well as positioning Eurostar on the cusp of transforming the in-terminal experience. Located in the Eurostar departure lounge of St Pancras until the end of the year, with plans to relocate to another Eurostar location in early 2019, Pepper, and its bespoke software solution provided by Robots of London, will inspire a slick and fun redefinition of passenger information services.  


Pepper will serve a dual function in the lounge; acting as both a passenger information service, as well as an interactive and fun guest experience. Head of digital at Eurostar, Perrine Allain, said, ‘We are always looking for new ways to innovate […] Pepper offers a fun way for customers to find out more about their journey and destination.’ Pepper is able to chat and pose for selfies; allowing passengers to get up close and personal with one of the most popular and exciting humanoid robots in the world. Pepper is also able to sing and dance, and Eurostar and Robots of London hope that this will bring a level of enjoyment into passenger experience, which has the potential to be banal and stressful.  


However, Robots of London’s software solution for Pepper and Eurostar is no mere gimmick, and it is the functional innovation that it will provide to guest relations that is most exciting. Pepper can speak to passengers in either English or French. This feature will revolutionize passenger service relations; ensuring that passengers receive instant and accurate information, in whichever language they opt to select. Pepper is also able to give recommendations for Eurostar destinations; providing information about Paris, Brussels, Lille and Amsterdam. Passengers will also be able to use Pepper’s inbuilt tablet to access an interactive station map, as well as live departure information. 


The nature of Pepper’s installation is also sure to aid the efficiency of existing staff members, who will be alleviated of answering repetitive queries, allowing employee activity to be optimised and more efficiently distributed. 


Robots of London’s bespoke solution for Pepper was designed with a view to, as Allain articulates, ‘continue to improve [customer] experience,’ and it certainly looks set to do so. Eurostar’s decision to utilise humanoid robotics is an important one; ensuring to continue to align its brand with innovation, as well as exploring the new dimensions it can provide to their passengers’ experience. Pepper will bring the best of passenger engagement potential and informative function; providing all information pertaining to departures in one convenient place.



About Robots of London


Robots of London is one of the leading robotics companies in the U.K and Europe, providing solutions and unparalleled service in sectors and destinations all over the world. Robots of London is proud to be a licenced Software developer, and reseller, of SoftBank Robotics’ robot Pepper in the UK and Ireland.