Talking AI Puppets | What Are AI Puppets, And What Do They Do?

AI talking puppets are essentially robots made from a foam material that are able to perform the same functionality as robots made from plastic or metal or any other type of material. What makes the puppets stand out is the ability to bring a character to life with real robotic capabilities.

Our AI Puppets are able to chat with anybody autonomously; imagine that you are a Company hosting an event. The AI Puppets are able to chat about a large number of subjects - from how they are feeling, their favourite hobbies, favourite music, sport, and a lot more! The Puppets are also able to answer factual questions, such as, what is the tallest mountain in the world to the distance from London to Berlin. Perhaps the best feature is the ability to answer questions about the products or services that a Company is able to offer in great detail. This is achieved using a CMS with the ability to add, delete and edit questions and answers in a matter of seconds using real artificial intelligence.

spitting imagerol.jpg

The skill behind these puppet robots is always in the software. It is possible for any of our puppets to control any screen of any size. The visual effect is quite magical. Imagine talking to one of our puppets and being able to request a powerpoint presentation, image, video, in fact, almost any application to appear as if by magic on any size screen, video wall or LED wall.

The overall experience is enhanced by the voices that we have created to match the particular puppet as well as the lip sync effect that is created when the puppet talks, bringing it to life.

Our inventory of puppets below is constantly increasing, but if you would like to have a bespoke puppet created we can have them made for you by one of our trusted suppliers. Why not recreate your CEO, or another well known character?

These puppet robots are perfect for delivering keynote speeches and being used at all corporate events to give a real WOW FACTOR!

We have a large selection of hand puppets that can be used to create the same effect; take a look at the large variety of puppets below that you are able to choose from.

Coming Soon……

We are delighted to announce a new product coming soon. A moving AI Puppet!